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Pre-order on iTunes: www.smarturl.it/Adrift

Finally, I can talk about this - my debut album Human is coming next year, March 10. This is the first single from it, Adrift, with my long running vocal collaborator Kathrin deBoer. I had a simple piano chord progression and a randomised percussion idea to give to Kathrin, who captured the feeling beautifully with her lyrics and jazz influenced vocal approach. It’s more of a personal piece of music for me than a club track, which is the approach I’ve taken for the whole album.

More previews, a couple more singles (and some really amazing remixers!) to follow between now and March.

Adrift is out Monday 16 Dec, with a powerful acoustic wash of beauty from Raffertie on the remix.

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that fucking doge trend has ruined my ability to speak and now i’m worried because god forbid i’m stabbed or something and i call 911 and i’m coughing up blood and 911 finally answers and all i can gasp out is

"much knife"

"such stab"



Thanks to Josh Hall, I have just discovered this.  AMAZING.

Awesome street photography:  http://daniosoriov.tumblr.com/ 

Awesome street photography:  http://daniosoriov.tumblr.com/ 


Chicago, United States, 2013



Chicago, United States, 2013

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Q&A about live Gigs and the use of Phones


Journalist Guy Mankowski has been researching post-punk manifestos, and consequently contacted me regarding my views on live gigs and the use of phones.

I accepted to answers his questions thinking it might be useful to talk about the concept of Live experience in general.

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Jehnnybeth’s blog is great.  

 I think [musicians] really need to stop thinking so much about money. It always demands more effort and it costs more money to do things differently, and there’s always someone or something to stop you from doing it. The way we have been approaching music is very mercantile and not artistic enough. Musicians have lost their sense of community, everyone is working self efficiently… We forget music is meaningful and alive to people, so there is a responsibility. Too many decisions are made which contradict these two aspects.”

She’s also right that Johnny Hostile, who played before Savages at the Ministry of Sound gig, looked and sounded amazing.